About Us

Deadbreed was born out of the need to bring something new to gaming news. In a day and age when video game journalism seems to be biased and compromised or committed with a social agenda, we feel the need to create an outlet where unbiased news and different points of view can be approached without the insane amount of backlash it seems to carry the position of being a prominent website. Our little corner is aimed at gamers of all ages and all platforms with no distinctions on their level of experience. Our primary goal is to show how fun games can be.

The joy out of video games seems to be forgotten these days, and everything is about an impending announcement. Players strive to learn about the next best thing instead of getting joy out of their games. In DeadBreed we aim to remind you, our reader how much you can enjoy every single release without filling your every waking hour about the news that creates rifts in our worldwide community. On our site, you will find recommendations on games centered on strategy and MMORPG, from the classic offerings and their current updates to new releases.

At DeadBreed we firmly believe that video games are helpful to train basic skills that are needed in real life. Strategy games offer some of these traits by having the player administer the resources at their disposal to get by in these worlds of fantasy. What is learned with strategy games and RPGs can also be helpful when it comes to dealing with situations that require basic knowledge about economics and proper use of what we have at hand. There is no losing with these games: they are an excellent opportunity to have a sense of community, and that’s why Deadbreed wants to remind players what a bunch of great people we have in our community.