PS2smart – The Best Mobile Emulation App to Play PS2 Classics is Here

The PlayStation 2 had a good run, maybe even more than the Wii. The device of Nintendo was the direct rival of the PS2 in specs. The Wii came bundled with breakthrough technology in the form of the new swing controllers, but by the time it arrived, the PlayStation 2 had an already established fan base that was numbered in the millions. The device would go on toe-to-toe with the upcoming PS3, making the PS2 the unrivaled king of the 6th generation.

PS2 Emulator Android

The Guys behind PS2smart application have developed a new utility that you can find as an .exe file to use on your desktop or as an app for smartphones on iOS and Android. The PS2smart emulator (Official Site) was created by people who genuinely love the 6th generation of gaming. The apps give the user the possibility to play every single classic game of PS2 on their personal devices since it works as an (more…)

PS4 Emulator PS4Emus – Run PS4 Games on PC, Mac, Android, or iOS

PS4 EmulatorThere are more than 80 million monthly active users on the PS4 Network, making it one of the most popular gaming consoles available. With a nearly endless list of games, backwards compatibility, and the ability to play online with anyone in the world, at any time, it is easy to see how the system has gained so many dedicated users who prefer the PS4 to other consoles.

Unfortunately, even when you are in the mood for gaming, it isn’t always possible to play your PS4. The console certainly isn’t very portable, making it tricky to bring with you on trips or vacations, nor can you play it during your morning commute. If your PS4 breaks down, it may take a while to be repaired, leaving you without access to your favorite pastime. This is where a PS4 emulator comes in handy. While there are several options available to you, one of the most reliable is PS4Emus.
AggroGate blog has already done a great review of this app which you can read here, and we’ll also make sure to teach you more deeply how to setup and use this awesome (more…)