Turtle Beach Stealth 300 Headset – Our Opinion

Turtle Beach is one of the most widely recognized brands of headsets out there; most of their offerings cater to a very diverse audience and budgets as well. Their name is well respected among the gaming community since they provide a quality product that allows players to feel immersed in their gaming experience with sound that blocks out any outside interference.

Turtle Beach Stealth 300 Headset

Their new model, the Stealth 300, could be classified as a mid-range powered headset since it has a 3.5mm plug connection you can use it with a lot of other devices that are doesn’t use air-based earplugs.

The General Look of the Headset

Let’s begin our review by taking a look at the framework. The Stealth 300 is entirely made of black plastic resin. The piece bears matte coloring, so don’t go looking for shiny details on this one other than the blue bar inside the headband. The internal earpiece is covered with soft foam cushion, and the overall design is a reminiscence of the colors used by Sony for the PlayStation 4.

Microsoft users are also taken into consideration since the other option to buy the headset bears a green bar on the headpiece. At first sight, the look and feel of the Stealth 300 doesn’t give a vibe of a premium product given the low price tag of $65, but the light build makes it comfortable to wear for very long gaming sessions.

The Tech behind this New Model

The best features on this particular model of Turtle Beach headsets is the use of the company’s custom made ProSpecs technology. This is a massive step for the company since they are packing a low-cost product with the same technology used on their high-end line. The design also bears a little modification in the inner cushions that is aimed to offer comfort to those gamers that wear glasses.

The outside framework of the Stealth 300’s is also lined with light metals to ensure their sturdiness, so don’t be afraid if they ever fall off your neck to the ground, they won’t break so easily. The reinforcements are placed strategically to make sure that the player doesn’t experience the usual creaks done by plastic molded products once they begin to adapt to the body of the user.

Additional Features

The cable seems stable enough, but it doesn’t look very durable at first sight. The rubbery cover certainly provides protection, and the headset can last a long time if you don’t rough them up too frequently, overall this is probably the weakest part of the product given the great sound is capable of providing.

If you are one those players, who love to have a live chat with other players you can use the special microphone that comes with it. It’s not removable, but you can slide it up if you prefer a quiet gaming session. You will also find a full set of controls at the side of your headset, such as controls to power on the device, an equalizer to balance the sound, a control for volume and other to handle the microphone.

When you take into account the fact that Stealth 300 is a great model featuring some very powerful technology, the equation is very simple: this is a must-have product. One of the best settings appreciated for this review was the Equalizer controls lined on this headset. Very few budget headpieces offer something like this. Having the chance to experience powerful bass or placing the balance on a better side makes for a very lively gaming experience. Not everyone can offer this for such a low price.

Our Conclusion

If you force our hand, we have to tell you that the Stealth 300 is not precisely breakings any grounds here. But they are offering a unique gaming experience at a very good price, and that’s something that very few people can’t beat. Professional audiophiles will fill your head with the idea of going overboard with equipment that indeed can perform better, but will also cost a pretty penny.

With a lasting time of 40 hours a charge, the Stealth 300 from turtle beach opens a new world if you have never experienced state of the art sound as you play. Make sure to try them out! You won’t regret it.