Experience Altogether new Gaming of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Assassin’s Creed is one of the most famous action-adventure video game which depicts the old struggle of centuries between all the assassins who are fighting for their peace. So in every part of Assassin’s Creed, you will be introduced to an altogether new entry and the element in the gameplay will evolve when compared to the previous series.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey

So the entire game of Assassin’s Creed has been set in the open world and you are being presented with the perspective of the third person. Here the protagonist will be taking down all the target by using several skills and combat along with exploitation. The main game of this genre is produced for the major consoles or desktop platforms but there are several versions which are released for mobile or handheld platforms as well.


The entire game will be presented by a protagonist that is Desmond Miles where he will be experiencing all the memories of the ancestors with the help of an advanced device known as Antimus. You will play the game as Assassin characters where the entire game will be presented to you from the perspective of the third person in the open world.

The game will be using the mission structure in order to follow the entire story. You will be provided with various side missions like mapping the expansive cities, collecting treasures, exploring ruins, building the brotherhood to performing several tasks. So with the help of Animus Interface, all the players can easily retry the past missions by going back into that time.


  • Here in this game, you will be introduced to several special abilities so that you can easily fight against the enemies with several abilities like kicking like powerful spartan to nocking of several arrows with a single shot.
  • In this game, you will have the liberty of choosing the character.
  • With the introduction of mercenaries, the entire game will be having its system of balances and checks.
  • You will be fighting several big battles that you have not experienced before.


Fanged Bow: This is a legendary bow of this game and is very useful when it comes to engraving. It can easily turn the arrows into the poisonous ones. It is very handy when you are opting for any conquest battle. So if you are combining it with the skills of multi-shooting then it becomes unstoppable.

Hades Bow: If you are not thinking of poisoning anything then you should definitely consider Hades Bow. It will help in replacing the poison and it will come with the ability to light up of the oil jugs and mercenaries from a decent distance.

Kronus: If you’re looking for a personal approach then you can consider kronus to be one of your important and excellent options because it will provide you with a bonus of improving the damage. So if you are a stealthier player then it will be a good weapon for you.

Hammer of Jason: This hammer can only be found in the legendary chest and it comes in huge size when you are comparing it with the character. It can easily break the shield by providing 20% extra damage.

Why it is the best?

The best part of this game is you will be experiencing something new in every new release of this game. This game was released in the market a few years back but more new series has been introduced with new elements making it one of the most loved video games.

This game is an action adventure game that is related to the struggle of Assassins. So the entire series will be featuring science fiction characters, historical fiction with several historical events.